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Feb 2019

Vauxhall FAST (Funnel Activity Sales Tool) a new manufacturer level data hub and sales reporting tool is now live and linked to over 70% of UK dealers.  The system will also be linked into the European system for PSA very soon.​

Oct 2018

Cars2 group of dealers sign up with AutoSLM and we customise their tool based on the way they operate, and link the system into Reef Business Systems for a seamless customer transfer and deal stacking process.

Aug 2018

We launch our new deal stacking tool that works with Code Weavers for financial value integration

Apr 2018

ISO 27001

AutoSLM was awarded ISO27001 certification on the 18th April 2018.  This shows we have been checked and all our policies and standards within the company are in place, and we are a company you can trust with your data.

Mar 2018

GDPR module delivery

AutoSLM have released our GDPR module for the CRM system to allow all UK dealers to be fully compliant ready for the GDPR 25th May laws to come into place.  All out customers are being upgraded to use this new module to keep them compliant with standards set. 

Feb 2018

Auto Pixels added to the AutoSLM portfolio of products

Auto Pixels is a great new product offered by AutoSLM to an existing customer or a new customer wanting to use this service alongside any system or DMS.  We offer image enhancement for all used car stock images.  Take a look at our product page for more information on how this service works.

Jan 2018

AutoSLM are growing!

Its been a very busy 2017 for the AutoSLM team! and because of that our news feed below doesn’t show many for 2017 updates.  We’ve been constantly developing and expanding the system and growing our customer base.  More information about our new and existing developments will be posted on here very soon!  Watch this space!

Nov 2017

AutoSLM release a new lead tracking and call tracking system

We have developed an industry-first system that masks email and phone numbers for numbers to the sales exec.  All calls and email are automatically tracked back to a customer record without the sale exec doing anything different in their daily routine of contacting customers.

Aug 2017

AutoSLM move into new offices in Wakefield, take a look at our contact page for our new address

Feb 2017

AutoSLM are an approved system by Vauxhall to use within their dealer network

Vauxhall has performed a check of systems win use within their UK network, and AutoSLM has been approved and recommended for use to their dealer network.  One of only two systems that Vauxhall endorse.

Jan 2017

AutoSLM installs its first dealer in Kuwait and Lebanon

Cadillac Kuwait and Cadillac Beiruit start using AutoSLM.

Nov 2016

AutoSLM starts working for Cadillac in the Middle East

Cadillac ME invited AutoSLM over to present the system to all the Middle East Cadillac dealers.  Cadillac works closely and recommend AutoSLM to their dealer network.  A large dealer group based in Dubai are the first to start on AutoSLM.

Sept 2016

AutoSLM releases the new lead tracker email responder module

AutoSLM offers a new way to track all your internet-based leads. Click on the features tab above to see how Lead Tracker works.

May 2016

AutoSLM showcases at the Car Dealer Magazine CDX16 Expo at Silverstone

AutoSLM is at the Silverstone CDX16 Expo demoing the full AutoSLM CRM system and the new Lead Tracker module.​

Feb 2016

AutoSLM launches in the UAE

AutoSLM opens an office in the Middle East to provide its services to the UAE market. We have a great team on the ground in Dubai who are looking after the system expansion.

AutoSLM Lead Tracker is launched

AutoSLM has been working very hard over the last few months to become specialists in capturing and managing internet leads from various sources around the web. 

Dec 2015

AutoSLM Speeds up services

AutoSLM have invested in multiple new servers to make the system faster and more reliable. We have full failover capability to make sure we can support our ever-expanding client base.

Sept 2015

AutoSLM launches its new deal stacker

AutoSLM have developed a deal stacking application that calculates all your HP, PCP and profit on vehicles. You can easily stack a deal, add the customer’s extras and show how much they will affect the monthly payments.

Aug 2015

AutoSLM starts working with eDynamix

AutoSLM has started working with eDynamix to integrate all their great features such as Video 1st. Take a look at www.edynamix.com for more information on their services.

Mar 2015

AutoSLM Integrate with Gforces Net Director

AutoSLM has developed a link to Gforces Net Director to pull in customer leads that have been put onto the dealer’s website hosted by Gforces. Any of our customers now using Gforces can request from their account director a service to allow AutoSLM pull in all the web leads ready for follow up by the sales team.

Jan 2015

AutoSLM Telephony – AutoCall

AutoSLM has developed and released a new product called AutoCall. Features include: call recording on your incoming and outgoing calls, automatic recognition of customer numbers which are then automatically synced with relevant customer record and full call tracking. No hardware is needed, no replacement of your existing phone system- we use all your existing phones and lines including mobiles. Call us today for more information!

Dec 2014

AutoSLM Offline App Released

AutoSLM was one of the first to deliver an iPad and Android app back in 2012. We have now completely re-built this app so it fully works without an internet connection. The app stores customer and part exchange data (including all photos of the vehicle) in an offline mode when you have no internet connection, for example when you are on the other side of the forecourt out of wifi range. All features of the app are fully useable offline. The app then detects when you have internet connectivity and sends all your stored data to the servers. This means you can now use your mobile device in places like motor shows to capture potential customer information, and when you get back to the dealership it will upload all that data straight into your AutoSLM system.

Nov 2014

Toyota Hub Rollout Starts

The Toyota and Lexus data hub that will deliver central leads to Toyota and Lexus dealers and will also collect showroom traffic stats has started its rollout. AutoSLM showroom and Reef systems will connect first. Other third parties – DealerWeb, Contact Advantage, Enquiry Max, Fastrack, Close IT, Manheim and Pinewood are all scheduled to complete their data connections to the AutoSLM TGB hub to start data transfers very soon.

Oct 2014

AutoSLM Have Another Busy Install Month

AutoSLM is booked up every working day in October installing new dealers.

Sep 2014

AutoSLM Sign Up The Yeomans Group

AutoSLM is working with the Yeomans Group to start installing at their Toyota and Peugeot dealers. We are working closely with Yeomans to create custom modifications to the system to best fit their group of dealers.

Jun 2014

AutoSLM Has Customised Its System For Harley Davidson In The Middle East

AutoSLM has been working with a group of Harley Davidson dealers in the Middle East to customise AutoSLM. This involves a custom bike builder, accessories catalogue, specification details and a pricing calculator. We are very excited about this new market and we are working to offer these Harley custom modifications to Harley dealers worldwide.

May 2014

AutoSLM Are Building The Toyota UK Data Hub

AutoSLM has been asked by TGB to build a data collection hub for all Toyota & Lexus centres in the UK that are not on the Sales Workbench system. AutoSLM has already built a very successful data capture system for Vauxhall, and we are now doing the same thing for TGB in the UK. We are going to be collecting data from third parties such as Reef, Contact Advantage, EnquiryMax, Pinewood Pinnacle DMS, ADP, DealerWeb and Close IT.

Feb 2014

AutoSLM Now Fully Integrated With AutoiDOC

AutoiDOC is a deal profit calculator system that is now fully integrated with AutoSLM. We work together to offer dealers a full customer management and profit tracking application for the dealership environment.

Jan 2014

Ford Joins AutoSLM

AutoSLM is working with a very large Ford dealer in the UK to customise the system to suit their needs. Contact us to see how we can modify our application to suit your business requirements.

Dec 2013

More Vauxhall Dealers!

AutoSLM is an official partner for Vauxhall Motors (part of GM) and we have installed in more Vauxhall dealers this month after our specific customisation program for Vauxhall was launched.

Nov 2013

AutoSLM KIT Marketing

Customers are reporting back on the great results they are getting from our Keep In Touch application module. A record number of SMS and emails have been sent in November keeping customers in contact with the dealers.

Oct 2013

AutoSLM Takes On The Bike Market

AutoSLM is expanding into the bike dealer market and we are currently working with a large bike dealer group to expand our ever-growing product.

Sept 2013

Considering installing AutoSLM in your dealership? Hear What A Dealer Thinks!

I wanted to write and express how pleased I am with the transition from EGM to AutoSLM.

As you are aware we have been using a competitor’s electronic diary system since January 2009, so the decision to move to a new sales lead management programme was very carefully considered, especially because of the likely disruption to ongoing live diaries for 24 sales executives, five dealerships and three franchises.

Almost two months in and everyone has adjusted quickly to AutoSLM and find its advanced functions, especially the use of iPads in front of customers most beneficial. Managers are very pleased with the reporting features and it enables close management of all sales leads.

Any early teething problems were quickly resolved by Mike and I have found the service and support levels excellent throughout.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your sales lead management system to anyone looking to improve customer sales experience and communication.


Steve Bennett
Sales Director
David Hayton Ltd

Aug 2013

AutoSLM Pilot With eBay/Gumtree

Gumtree South Africa, a division of eBay has selected AutoSLM to pilot bulk stock feeds for motor dealers in South Africa. This is the first time that a company has been allowed access to eBay systems allowing bulk feeds and is a major accomplishment for our South African team. A new interface has been developed so that all dealers, not just those using AutoSLM will be able to use the service.

AutoSLM Partner With Vauxhall Motors

AutoSLM has been selected to build a data hub for Vauxhall Motors. The hub will connect all third party showroom systems throughout the UK network and will provide Vauxhall with a detailed national reporting suite. The team at AutoSLM have already worked with a number of manufacturers to provide similar systems as can be seen at www.dealerhub.net

Jan 2013

AutoSLM Gains A New Director

Mike Atkinson, Manheim Group IT Development Director and technical creator of the e-GoodManners system has joined AutoSLM as the Technical Director.

Oct 2012

RRG Mazda Has Selected AutoSLM

We are delighted that RRG Mazda has decided to select AutoSLM to replace Manheim Lead Management (formerly e-Goodmanners) at all of its locations.

Sept 2012

Automated Prospecting

With our new module you can automatically mine your data for specific target groups, then use our proven email and SMS templates to secure appointments and make sales.

May 2012

AutoSLM South African Dealer Has A Record Month!!!

Motomid, a dominant Ford, Mazda, Honda and GWM dealer has confirmed that May was one of their best months ever recorded, Geoffrey Bernitz, the owner of Motomid has said “categorically” that AutoSLM works and has played a major role in the success of the month.

Apr 2012

iPad Roll Out

AutoSLM is proud to announce that we have dealers working in South Africa completely off their iPads, including printing – truly a first for the automotive industry.